Marcel Kapfer

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What I Use

Since I find the lists of other people about what the use quite interesting and from time to time someone asks my about what software/hardware I use I decided to also set up one. After having a simple blog post listing software since around 2016 I now put it all together here and update it from time to time.

Last updated: 09. January 2022



Laptop 1: Lenovo ThinkPad E490

For personal use.

Laptop 2: Lenovo Y50-70

For personal use.

The battery in this thing is completely broken and the WiFi never worked with Linux and also only for a short period in Windows. Therefore I use it as a desktop PC.

Laptop 3: Tuxedo InfinityBook Pro 14 Gen. 6

Exclusively for work.

Other hardware




Currently I only have a tablet as an Android device, therefore there are some apps that I currently do not use but keep for future reference.



Some services are publicly available and hosted on a Hetzner VPS others are running on my home server (see above in the hardware section).