Marcel Kapfer

Marcel Kapfer

I do creative things.

Hi, I’m Marcel Kapfer (at some places also known as “mmk2410”). At the moment, I invest most of my free time in creative work. That consists mainly of photography, but I also compose music, train myself in graphic design, and write text as well as code.

While this website is (mostly) focused on tech-related stuff (like software development, operating systems and similar stuff) and writing in general, I also maintain a website dedicated to photography as well one for music composition. The blog here, however, may contains posts about more or less everything.

Since about 2011/2012 I am mainly using Linux (sometimes exclusively, although currently not) and in 2014 I started writing software. In late 2016 I began using Emacs and Org-Mode and now more or less live inside it. After getting my bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of Ulm in 2021 I started working at a small software agency in Ulm, Germany.

Besides these pages, you can also find me at a few other places across the web.

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CMS Search Update: The Winner


What happened since December The last update I gave on my search for a new content management system was some time ago. Last December, to be precise. I haven't aborted that project, though. Quite the contrary: I was active in narrowing down the shortlist. I started by excluding TYPO3, Contao and …

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Discontinuing Scribbles


Well, I already wrote a few days ago on Mastodon that I'm thinking of shutting down my "Scribbles" microblog and moving the articles I wrote there to this blog. And now I did it :D And not even three months after I started it and about two months after I defended the content separation. So, what …

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CMS Search Update: The Shortlist Problem


Note: This was initially published on Scribbles, my previous "micro blog". I discontinued it and moved the contents into this blog on 2023-12-05. I just published the shortlist of my search for a new CMS for my photography website. There are five systems (in no particular order) that are on it: …

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