Marcel Kapfer


Software Projects

Since I started to program in 2014 I started a few small software projects. Sadly over the last years I had nearly no time to maintain any of them (except features and bugfixes I needed). However, I try to further maintain and develop them. You can find all of them at GitLab.

Debian packages and Ubuntu PPAs

My unofficial Debian packages and the corresponding Ubuntu PPA for JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA are probably the most “famous” thing I have created. At least I get bug reports and merge requests when I do not update the packages fast enough.

Besides them I also created a few other packages for Debian.

To clarify: I am not a official Debian Developer or Maintainer and am also not formally trained on building Debian packages. Therefore the quality of the packages is certainly not that good. They are---more or less---quite hacky.

IntelliJ IDEA Community & Ultimate

The community edition and the ultimate edition as well can be received from the Launchpad repository ppa:mmk2410/intellij-idea which you can add on Ubuntu with

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:mmk2410/intellij-idea # Add the repository
sudo apt-get update # Update the package lists
sudo apt-get install intellij-idea-community # Install IntelliJ IDEA Community
sudo apt-get install intellij-idea-ultimate # and/or install IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate

The source code and the .deb packages are available at their repositories on GitLab:


Because I want them, I packaged three typefaces for Debian. The packages should also work for Ubuntu but I don't provide an PPA for them.

I currently can not ensure active maintenance of any of these packages.

Scorelib (inactive)

Scorelib is a smaller project I started in 2015 for managing my collection music scores (the sheetpapers) with a database. Scorelib is a CLI program written in Python and using SQlite as a database. I assume that it only runs on Linux, but I never tested it on other platforms. Scorelib is, as of now, quite small with only the basic features implemented (like I wrote on the beginning, I had no time to code much the last years). It is available at GitLab.

Note: Although the title says that the project is inactive I do not consider archiving it. Theoretically I still have a need for such a software but practically time is missing to work on it. It is also possible that I will start working on it again but then possibly also with a completely different tech stack/goal.


Smaller scripts that aren't worth their own Git repository can be found at the scripts repo.

Other Projects

Quotes Collection

A collection of quotes (mostly without comment) that I largely gathered during a project 365 in 2015. The pages are only available in German.

Archived Projects

Software Projects

CyanogenMod Fonts (archived)

In early 2015 I created three font packages for the CyanogenMod Theme Chooser (Comfortaa, Fira Sans and Raleway) which were all quite a success at Google Play. But since end of 2015 I no longer own an device for which a CyanogenMode / LineageOS build is available and so I sadly cannot further develop or maintain those
packages. I you are interested in helping with these projects, feel free to contact me at me(at)mmk2410(dot)org!

Rangitaki (archived)

The biggest project I've started is the Rangitaki blogging engine. A blogging engine (with a few CMS features) written in PHP and without database dependencies. I used it previously on about three blogs.

Read more about it at GitLab.

writtenMorse (archived)

writtenMorse was the first project I've started back in 2014. Its goal is it to provide a Morse code system for writing and reading (with signs like # for a letter space and + for a word space) -- especially at computer system, as well as software to work with it. The project started with a simple Java program which grow fast to a full-features software for converting writtenMorse and also Morse code. The project also created an Android app an a responsive web app.

More information can still be found at the corresponding wiki page.

Other archived projects

Beneath those projects there were also a few other ones worth mentioning like Filespread, an web app for sending a file to a group of people via mail, and TiTaMa, a simple time table manager web app written in PHP (a rewrite in Dart was started and the backend is complete since mid-2016 but the frontend was never started). There is also the usual bunch of dead experiments like an Rangitaki SSH Sync library, written in C with libssh. As of now all these are no longer developed and archived