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Note: This was initially published on Scribbles, my previous "micro blog". I discontinued it and moved the contents into this blog on 2023-12-05.

Currently, my photography website is generated using WordPress. Back in March when I created it I needed something to finish the first version as soon as possible (I created some business cards for a trip and wanted to put a URL there). WordPress was the best and first solution that came to mind.

Originally, I intended to create my own TYPO3 site package (theme) and also wanted to follow through with this project after the launch of the WordPress side. But I didn't have any spare time for this during the last few months. Up to now, at least. Since I didn't put any time into the theme development for TYPO3 and as I'm still not sure whether this is the right platform I'm currently looking around at what's out there.

Well... Now I'm sitting in front of a big list with 40 different CMS and slowly working through them using Karl Voit's "How to Choose a Tool" system.

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