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Struggling with colour labels, Darktable and Digikam


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Note: This was initially published on Scribbles, my previous "micro blog". I discontinued it and moved the contents into this blog on 2023-12-05.

I currently use Darktable for developing my RAW files and Digikam for organizing all my pictures. As I've written earlier, using only star ratings is not enough and I need to integrate something else into my organising workflow. Colours labels would be perfect for this.

The problem is just, that there is evidently no way for "syncing" colour labels from Darktable to Digikam. Only Digikam to Darktable works. With the process that I'm trying to establish, it is necessary that I assign colour labels to edited photographs (meaning: while viewing the edited version). But, of course, Digikam cannot display the edits done with Darktable.

Why not just use Darktable only and drop Digikam? I would if:

  1. I would have some possibility in Darktable to label the processing status of a folder (not yet processed, culled, processed) (that is the more important point)
  2. It would be possible to show video files in Darktable (just show; but I could work around that)

Do you have any idea? If yes, please reach out to me!

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