Rangitaki Version 1.1.2 Development Release

I’m glad to announce another milestone an the way to Rangitaki 1.2.

This time it’s quite a small one, which brings a few code style improvements and one new feature called pagination, which can split your blog into several pages, each with a set amount of posts.

Pagination is disabled by default. It can enabled through setting:

$pagination = number

The integer is the amount of posts you wan’ to show on each page. E.g. if you set

$pagination = 4

you will see four posts on every site.

Warning: If you use your own theme and want to use pagination: You have to update your theme by styling pag_buttons, button, pag_next and pag_prev. Have a look at the themes shipped with Rangitaki.

You can update your installation again with the update script: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/mmk2410/rangitaki/master/update-scripts/1-1-1_1-1-2.sh

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