Rangitaki Version 1.1.0 Development Release

It is time for another Rangitaki release and on this way to 1.2 , I release today the first Developmen release 1.1.0, which comes with following changes:

  • RCC: Write blog posts
  • RCC: Media Upload
  • Drawer: Key listener (‘ESC’ to close, ‘m; to open)
  • Drawer: Highlight Blogs when hovering
  • Drawer: ‘X’ button
  • Metatags / Title based on subblog and / or article
  • Script for updatig from 1.0.0 to 1.1.0

I strongly advise you not to update, since this is an untestet development release, if you are willing to risk it, download the update script from this link, make it executable and run it in your rangitaki home directory.

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