Marcel Kapfer


From time to time I have something I want to write about. Seldom I also have the time to do so. In these rare occasions you will find a blog post at this place.

If you’re asking, about what I write: I really can’t tell. The most things you can find here in the moment are about Linux, coding, and similar stuff. But I won’t promise that this wont change. We’ll see…

Switching my Website to Hugo using ox-hugo


web emacs orgmode hugo

To be honest: my website was always more or less just a large playground for me. It started around 2013 when I created my second website (I had a website before, ~2006/2008, I don’t know correctly). Back then I put very much time in designing the thing. In 2014 I taught myself to code and in early 2015 I even wrote a PHP blogging engine called Rangitaki (i have archived it some time ago).

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Quick Deploy Solution


code cicd deploy git php programming typo3

Quick Deploy - a possibly hacky way to deploy a Git repository without much overload and fast setup. Motivation From time to time I work on some TYPO3 Site Packages (mostly design work) where seeing the changes is quite important to me. Since TYPO3 needs a web server and a Database server running (well yes, it can be set up locally, but I had some database errors last time I tried).

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Updated: Linux Programs I Use


linux programs linux

In early 2016 I wrote a post about some software that I use. Since the last update in March 2016 quite some things changed and I just updated the list. If you are interested, click on the link below.

Firefox tab bar on mouse over


linux css firefox web linux

Since Firefox 57 I’m using wiki of Tab Center Redux: #tabbrowser-tabs { visibility: collapse !important; } I found this solution quite useful over the last months, but recently I got some web design to do and split my screen horizontally in half. In this mode the width of the sidebar used to much space. Disabling it with F1 also didn’t really help because then I had no tab list at all.

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Scrolling doesn't work in GTK+ 3 apps in StumpWM


linux commonlisp linux lisp stumpwm

Since some time ago I could not scroll in any GTK+ 3 window in StumpWM with an external mouse. Today I found a workaround for this problem: executing export GDK_CORE_DEVICE_EVENTS=1 in a shell fixes the problem. To set this automatically when starting StumpWM insert the following in your ~/.stumpwmrc: ;; bugfix for scrolling doesn't work with an external mouse in GTK+3 apps. (setf (getenv "GDK_CORE_DEVICE_EVENTS") "1") This bug was also reported (and fixed) at the following bug trackers.

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Disabling comments


Update 03. April 2018: I re-enabled comments with an anti-spam plugin. If it works, I’ll keep them enabled, otherwise I’ll disable them again. I’m running this WordPress instance since August 2017 now and at the end of last year my page was finally listed on one of those unreachable lists of WordPress pages, where some friendly bots can write awesome comments about my writing style or try to sell me some nice medicines of the highest quality for the best prices.

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Moving the open-source stuff from phab.mmmk2410 to GitLab


code android bash programs rangitaki scorelib writtenmorse

The journey started in early 2016 when I decided to move my open-source projects and their management away from GitHub. First I launched a cgit instance for viewing the code and set up a gitolite for repository hosting. After a short time I moved the repositories to a self-hosted Phabricator instance at, because with that platform I had the possibilities for project management like issues or workboards. But this concept also didn’t last for long.

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Cavallino-Treporti (IT) Bicycle Tour 1


bicycle bicycle holiday tour

During my holiday in Cavallino-Treport (IT) I discovered the following bicycle track. The tour starts at the Piazzetta della Libertà in Cavallino and goes from there over the Via Francesco Baracca to an first unpaved way and later on Asphalt next to the Fiume Sile to Jesolo, where the river will be crossed. From there the track goes over a cycle path to Lido di Jesolo where the way leads through the inner city.

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Tja, wenn der Tag schon gut startet, was soll man dann erwarten. Nachdem ich auf dem Weg zur Uni nicht mit dem Rad gestürzt bin und der Aufbauf zeitlich sehr gut lief (auf den halbjährlichen Belastungstest der elektrischen Anlage der Universität durften wir dieses Mal verzichten). Doch wenn schon so vieles gut läuft, dann muss ja irgendwann der Rückschlag auf einen zukommen. Heute kam dieser beim Einschalten meines Computers. Strom, Monitor, Tastatur, Maus und Ethernet waren schon verbunden, von dem her sollte ja eine einfache Betätigung des Einschalters vollend genügen.

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Der Drucker



Wie schwer kann es sein, Altklausuren auszudrucken? Da ich mich, warum auch immer, dazu entschieden habe, Informatik zu studieren und nicht Chemie oder anderes, habe ich das Glück, ein dafür entwickeltes Werkzeug verwenden zu können (bei anderen Fachschaften verwendet man ein Wiki zum Speichern von Altklausuren). Somit beschränkt sich die Arbeit hauptsächlich darauf, schlecht formatierte E-Mails zu entziffern, Vorlesungsnamen in das Programm einzugeben, die letzten paar Altklausuren auszuwählen, den frisch gedruckten Stapel Altpapier zu beschriften und die Leute darüber zu benachrichtigen.

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