Marcel Kapfer

Marcel Kapfer

I compose music and write stuff

Hi, I’m Marcel Kapfer, also known as mmk2410. When I have time I compose music (have a look at for that) or write stuff. Stuff, you know. Like blog posts, manuscripts, quotes, or software.

I’ve bin a Linux user since about 2012, write software since around 2014 and live in Emacs and Org-Mode since around 2016/17. Currently I study computer science at the University of Ulm. Due the lack of time I’m not really active in doing the things listed above but from time to time I happens anyway and then you may read about it here.

Besides these pages you can also find me at a few other places across the web.

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„Mirroring“ my open-source Git repos to my Gitea instance


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tl;dr: GitLab will still be my primary Git platform for my public projects/repositories, but these repositories can now also viewed at my Gitea instance at Additional links appearing to my Gitea instance You may have noticed that I added a link to a Gitea instance on some places next to a link to my GitLab account. The reason behind this is the following. For years I always had a Git “server” running on my virtual private server (VPS) for private purposes.

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Switching my Website to Hugo using ox-hugo


web emacs orgmode hugo

To be honest: my website was always more or less just a large playground for me. It started around 2013 when I created my second website (I had a website before, ~2006/2008, I don’t know correctly). Back then I put very much time in designing the thing. In 2014 I taught myself to code and in early 2015 I even wrote a PHP blogging engine called Rangitaki (i have archived it some time ago).

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Quick Deploy Solution


code cicd deploy git php programming typo3

Quick Deploy - a possibly hacky way to deploy a Git repository without much overload and fast setup. Motivation From time to time I work on some TYPO3 Site Packages (mostly design work) where seeing the changes is quite important to me. Since TYPO3 needs a web server and a Database server running (well yes, it can be set up locally, but I had some database errors last time I tried).

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