Marcel Kapfer


Mirroring my Gitea Repos with Git Hooks, again


My Journey In August 2020 I started hosting all my Git repositories on my own Gitea instance after previously using it for my private projects for some time. Since a self-hosted Gitea instance is not very discoverable I decided to keep showing my repos on GitLab and GitHub. At this point, all my relevant GitLab (which I used as a main hosting platform before) projects already were mirrored to GitHub directly after each commit.

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RSS aggregators and a hard decision


If you read my previous blog posts you may think “Boy, what a nerd. Only writes about Emacs. Doesn’t he have a life???” and honestly I couldn’t even be mad on you. But—jokes aside—as a matter of fact there is more. And so I though I should also write some blog posts about other stuff. For a totally unrelated topic I decided to write about my usage of RSS aggregators today (and no, although I use elfeed with elfeed-protocol from time to time there won’t be any further mentions of Emacs in this post…).

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