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Moving the open-source stuff from phab.mmmk2410 to GitLab


The journey started in early 2016 when I decided to move my open-source projects and their management away from GitHub. First I launched a cgit instance for viewing the code and set up a gitolite for repository hosting. After a short time I moved the repositories to a self-hosted Phabricator instance at, because with that platform I had the possibilities for project management like issues or workboards. But this concept also didn’t last for long.

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Rangitaki Version 1.5.0


I’m proud to announce a new release of the Rangitaki blogging engine which introduces post excerpts. Post excerpts are disabled by default and can be enabled with (re-)running php bin/init.php. Many thanks to Stefan for fixing the OpenGraph and Twitter meta tags. Full Changelog Update script

Rangitaki Version 1.4.4


Today I announce 1.4.4 of the Rangitaki blogging engine. It brings an important bug fix concerning the feed creation. Starting from 1.4.0 the feed creation server-side script failed with a 500 internal server error because it was not converted to the new YAML configuration (due to a bug - to be exact: a missing slash - in the .gitignore). While working on fixing this issue, I also upgraded to the latest version of the feed generator (PicoFeed).

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Rangitaki Version 1.4.3


Since the release of Rangitaki 1.4.0 two weeks ago there where three point releases. 1.4.1 and 1.4.2 brought changes to the authentication of the RCC and the RCC API. Caused by these changes you have to rerun php bin/init_rcc.php. To read more about this change habe a look at: Version 1.4.3 brings the following bugfixes: [FIX] Missing space in drawer between "Blogs on" and blogname [FIX] Background layer was not removed if drawer was closed Besides these fixes Rangitaki 1.

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Rangitaki Version 1.4


Yesterday I released Rangitaki version 1.4 with the following new features and fixes: Three new scripts in the bin folder to simplify the maintenance and setup. Read more below. Rangitaki API for working with your Rangitaki installation from other apps. Read on how to use the API in the documentation SASS and CoffeeScript capabilities for writing extensions and themes. These files are compiled and minimized using Gulp. Open links in articles in a new tab.

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Rangitaki Version 1.3


A new version of Rangitaki is out providing the following new features: Respect do-not-track RCC: Generate Atom feed Title fix Switch to composer To update from Rangitaki 1.2 (or higher) use this script: Enjoy blogging!

Rangitaki Version 1.2


Just in time for Chistmas: Rangitaki Version 1.2. Features Pagination: Split your blog posts over several page JavaScript Extension Support RCC: Write Posts RCC: Delete Posts RCC: Upload Media RCC: Edit Posts Notes Read the upgrading guide before upgrading. Upgrading If you’re currently on version 1.0.0 use this update script: If you’re currently on 1.

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Rangitaki Version 1.1.90 Beta Release


The next step on the way to 1.2, the beta release. Changes: BUGFIX: ArticleGenerator error when no tags set Pagination: Localized strings Concerning the localized string: the new string are already added into the shipped english and german language files. If you use your own language file, you have to update your language file with the following strings: "Next Page" > "Localized next page", "Previous Page" > "Localized previous page", To update yout blog - keep in mind that this is not a stable release, so don’t use it in production - download the update script, make it executable (chmod +x 1-1-2_1-1-90.

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Rangitaki Version 1.1.2 Development Release


I’m glad to announce another milestone an the way to Rangitaki 1.2. This time it’s quite a small one, which brings a few code style improvements and one new feature called pagination, which can split your blog into several pages, each with a set amount of posts. Pagination is disabled by default. It can enabled through setting: $pagination = number The integer is the amount of posts you wan' to show on each page.

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Rangitaki Version 1.1.0 Development Release


It is time for another Rangitaki release and on this way to 1.2 , I release today the first Developmen release 1.1.0, which comes with following changes: RCC: Write blog posts RCC: Media Upload Drawer: Key listener (‘ESC’ to close, ’m; to open) Drawer: Highlight Blogs when hovering Drawer: ‘X’ button Metatags / Title based on subblog and / or article Script for updatig from 1.0.0 to 1.1.0 I strongly advise you not to update, since this is an untestet development release, if you are willing to risk it, download the update script from this link, make it executable and run it in your rangitaki home directory.

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