Marcel Kapfer


Week in Review


Last week a few big changes happend in my projects. Nearly every project had an bigger release. Morse Converter Desktop Edition Version 1.1 (Sourcecode: The Desktop version of the Morse Converter has now the ability to show different languages. German is the first added locale and I hope that some people will submit more localizations. Morse Converter Android Edition Version 2.0 (Sourcecode: May the biggest release this week was the version 2.

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Morse Converter Android App Version 1.0


I’m proud to present you this android app. With this app you can now convert your code on the way. The application has all the functions that the desktop program has. It also includes a share button for directly sharing your output to different apps on your device. I don’t plan any apps for other mobile os like iOS. Read more Get it GitHub

Morse Code Converter Version 1.0.0


After a few months developing I’m proud to present now the Version 1.0.0. of the Morse Code Converter. With this version it is possible to convert an unlimited amount of signs. There is also a completely new user interface and the version handles now all converting processes. The program is able to run under every system including Linux, Mac OS X and Windows as long as a up-to-date java runtime is installed.

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