Marcel Kapfer


Improving my new blog post creation


100DaysToOffload emacs orgmode hugo

In my last post I wrote that it is currently quite cumbersome for me to start writing a new blog post. There are mainly two reasons for that. The first is opening the file. While this sounds quite unimpressive it does not make fun to navigate three directories from my home until I can open it. At least not if you can avoid it. The more annoying part is that I need to define the complete structure and metadata information by myself.

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How this post is brought to you…


100DaysToOffload emacs orgmode hugo

The #100DaysToOffload challenge starts very well. I’m sitting here at my desk with the to-do in front of me to write post number two. And I have absolutely no idea what to write! Well, there are some topics I want to cover on the blog during the next months and the can be part of the #100DaysToOffload but I currently don’t know where to start. So what’s left then to tell you, dear reader, is how this blog post is brought to you and thereby also include a few hints about what I will write during the next months!

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Switching my Website to Hugo using ox-hugo


web emacs orgmode hugo

To be honest: my website was always more or less just a large playground for me. It started around 2013 when I created my second website (I had a website before, ~2006/2008, I don’t know correctly). Back then I put very much time in designing the thing. In 2014 I taught myself to code and in early 2015 I even wrote a PHP blogging engine called Rangitaki (i have archived it some time ago).

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