Marcel Kapfer


Small changes to my website design


For some years until May 2020, I used WordPress for this site with the initial goal to focus more on writing instead of tweaking the templates. If you look in the archive of my blog you may see that this didn’t work as intended. So nearly two years ago I decided to switch to a workflow that better suits my needs and set up this page using ox-hugo with hugo and a custom theme.

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Week in Review


Last week a few big changes happend in my projects. Nearly every project had an bigger release. Morse Converter Desktop Edition Version 1.1 (Sourcecode: The Desktop version of the Morse Converter has now the ability to show different languages. German is the first added locale and I hope that some people will submit more localizations. Morse Converter Android Edition Version 2.0 (Sourcecode: May the biggest release this week was the version 2.

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