Marcel Kapfer


Moving the open-source stuff from phab.mmmk2410 to GitLab


The journey started in early 2016 when I decided to move my open-source projects and their management away from GitHub. First I launched a cgit instance for viewing the code and set up a gitolite for repository hosting. After a short time I moved the repositories to a self-hosted Phabricator instance at, because with that platform I had the possibilities for project management like issues or workboards. But this concept also didn’t last for long.

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UPDATE: Bash script for LaTeX users


On the 6th I posted a link to this script in the LaTeX community on Google+ (Pastebin.

Bash script for LaTeX users


Here a little shell script for LaTeX users who dont use an LaTeX IDE and who often use the command pdflatex. With this script is it possible to do so in regulary times automatically. It is also possible to tell the script how often it should build the PDF-file and how much time should be between these builds. Before you can use this script you have to make it executable with the command chmod +x buildpdf.

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