pBlog Version 2.0

This version introduces some very imporant features:

  • Own page for every article
  • Social sharing buttons (at the moment: google+, twitter, facebook but more will follow)
  • Disqus integration
  • Local config file -> no more editing the index file

pBlog 2.0 is only partially compatible with prior versions. You don’t have to change anything in the posts or intro file (in case you have one), but to switch to version 2.0 you have to replace your index.php with the new one. With this step all your settings like the title will be lost and you have to set them in the new config.php file. For more questions write me a mail to marcelmichaelkapfer@yahoo.co.nz.

In the near future I will spend more time in writing a documentation about the blog engine and adding more comments (especially in the css file).

Week in Review

Last week a few big changes happend in my projects. Nearly every project had an bigger release.

  • Morse Converter Desktop Edition Version 1.1 (Sourcecode: https://github.com/mmk2410/morse-converter Web: http://marcel-kapfer.de/writtenmorse)
    The Desktop version of the Morse Converter has now the ability to show different languages. German is the first added locale and I hope that some people will submit more localizations.
  • Morse Converter Android Edition Version 2.0 (Sourcecode: https://github.com/mmk2410/morse-converter-android Web: http://marcel-kapfer.de/writtenmorse)
    May the biggest release this week was the version 2.0 of the Android Morse Converter. I re-wrote more or less the whole app to make it awesome. The biggest change is the Material design.
  • pBlog Version 1.0 (Sourcecode: https://github.com/mmk2410/pBlog)
    Another new project entered the public state last week and saw today the Version 1.0. pBlog is a blogging engine based on PHP, XML and Markdown and it is completly independent from any database. It tries to be as simply as possible. At the moment there are not much features included but more will follow. Right now you’re visiting a page created with pBlog.
  • My Website (Sourcecode: https://github.com/mmk2410/mmk2410.github.io Web: http://marcel-kapfer.de)
    My Website also saw a new release this week (to be exact: today). It is not just a small change – it is a completely new page. Less content and less subpage, simply reduced on the main content (programming). Also new: It is written in PHP to provide a few nice and handy features. Enjoy it!

I hope that I can continue such an amount of new stuff in the future even if I have not much time until middle of June this year.