Rangitaki Version 1.4.4

Today I announce 1.4.4 of the Rangitaki blogging engine. It brings an important bug fix concerning the feed creation. Starting from 1.4.0 the feed creation server-side script failed with a 500 internal server error because it was not converted to the new YAML configuration (due to a bug – to be exact: a missing slash – in the .gitignore).

While working on fixing this issue, I also upgraded to the latest version of the feed generator (PicoFeed). The generated feeds will now contain all feed information.

The update script works only from 1.4.3. So I your using an older version of Rangitaki, please upgrade first to 1.4.3.

Update script

As usual: Download the script, place it in the root folder of your Rangitaki installation, make it executable chmod +x and run it.

Morse Converter Web App 0.3

Hi folks!

No! The writtenMorse project is not dead!

Yesterday I released version 0.3 of the Morse converter web app. This update brings better performance when converting large texts thanks to a new converting engine written in Dart.

You can test it now live at mmk2410.org/morseconverter.

Feel free to give me feedback either to me at opensource(at)mmk2410(dot)org or on the GitLab project. Thanks!

Rangitaki Version 1.4.3

Since the release of Rangitaki 1.4.0 two weeks ago there where three point releases. 1.4.1 and 1.4.2 brought changes to the authentication of the RCC and the RCC API. Caused by these changes you have to rerun php bin/init_rcc.php. To read more about this change habe a look at: https://phab.mmk2410.org/T116

Version 1.4.3 brings the following bugfixes:

  • [FIX] Missing space in drawer between "Blogs on" and blogname
  • [FIX] Background layer was not removed if drawer was closed

Besides these fixes Rangitaki 1.4.3 includes the theme of my own blog, nextDESIGN:

Rangitaki using the nextDESIGN theme

Since the three releases where in a very short time frame I decided to write the update script to let you update every Rangitaki 1.4 installation (1.4.0, 1.4.1, 1.4.2) to 1.4.3.

Update script

Rangitaki Version 1.4

Yesterday I released Rangitaki version 1.4 with the following new features and

  • Three new scripts in the bin folder to simplify the maintenance and setup. Read more below.
  • Rangitaki API for working with your Rangitaki installation from other apps. Read on how to use the API in the documentation
  • SASS and CoffeeScript capabilities for writing extensions and themes. These files are compiled and minimized using Gulp.
  • Open links in articles in a new tab.
  • Switch to YAML as language for the configuration. Rangitaki 1.4 and above cannot be used without a setup YAML configuration file at config.yaml. Read more below.
  • Fix: Atom feeds didn’t contain any text

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How to run a web app on your desktop

Running a web app or a website on your desktop is nowadays much easier thanks to GitHub’s Electron.

Why would someone want this?

Well… This is a good question. For me there are only two reasons: you can start it from your launcher and it’s handled as its own application. But thats not why I’m writing this guide. My motvation is simple: It works.

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Linux Programs I Use


A few people asked me in the last time which tools and programs I use so I decided to put them in a short list.

I often look at lists like “The best …”, “Software you need” or similar posts. Not because I need them, but because I want to get inspired and learn about new / other tools that may become a program I use. This also means that in most cases there is more than one program listed below.

But there is one most important thing if you’re thinking about using a new / other program: The complete configuration shouldn’t take more than what it’s worth. It is without any sense to invest many hours to configure or switch to another program, if it doesn’t bring you an enormous improvement concerning productivity, speed and / or creativity. Remember always that your time is limited and is better invested in something you want to achieve.

Also keep in mind, that is is a list of software I like. I didn’t try all the available alternatives that are out there. If a program is not listed, it doesn’t mean that it’s bad or that I don’t like it.

I will update this list, if something changes, if I have the time.

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Abschluss des Projekts

365 Tage – ein ganzes Jahr – sind vergangen seit ich dieses Projekt365 gestartet habe. Trotz so mancher Ausfälle habe ich das Ziel erreicht: 365 ausgewählte Zitate – jeden Tag ein anderes. 365 Tage an denen mich jedes einzelne zum Nachdenken über die verschiedensten Dinge im Leben angeregt hat.

Einige dieser Zitate habe ich passend zur damals aktuellen politischen Situation ausgewählt, andere passend zu damals aktuellen Ereignissen in meinem Leben, wiederum andere weil sie mich zum Überlegen anregten.

365 Tage – 365 Zitate – 365 mal Nachdenken

Dieses Projekt365 hat im vergangenen Jahr einen nicht ganz unbedeutenden Platz in meinem Leben eingenommen. Zeitweise war es eine Aufgabe wie jede andere, zeitweise der Abschluss eines Tages, manchmal auch der Anfang von endlosen teilweise wirren Gedankengängen. Von Zeit zu Zeit hat mich die Arbeit an diesem Projekt bei meiner aktuellen Hauptbeschäftigungen unterstützt, andere Male mich eher von dieser abgehalten. Ich nachhinein kann ich sagen, dass jede Sekunde die ich investiert habe, sich gelohnt hat.

Während der Zeit, die ich in dieses Projekt gesteckt habe, habe ich nicht nur die Namen einiger mir bis dahin unbekannter Persönlichkeiten kennengelernt, auch habe ich erkannt, dass Gedanken, die teilweise mehrere hundert – sogar manchmal tausende – Jahre alt sind auch heutzutage immer noch einen unschätzbaren Wert haben, auch in aktuellsten Ereignissen.

Nun möchte ich dieses Projekt mit dem Satz, der mich dazu bewogen hat dieses Vorhaben anzufangen, abschliessen:

Wer will findet Wege. Wer nicht will Gründe.