Marcel Kapfer


A little change of wallpaper


Note: This was initially published on Scribbles, my previous “micro blog”. I discontinued it and moved the contents into this blog on 2023-12-05. Well, actually the wallpaper stayed the same. But about two hours ago I had an urge to play around with KDE Plasma on my private laptop after installing Tuxedo OS (which comes with Plasma) for some debugging reasons on my work device. Thankfully, Nix OS made it unbelievable easy to switch from Gnome.

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Updated: Linux Programs I Use


In early 2016 I wrote a post about some software that I use. Since the last update in March 2016 quite some things changed and I just updated the list. If you are interested, click on the link below.

Firefox tab bar on mouse over


Since Firefox 57 I’m using wiki of Tab Center Redux: #tabbrowser-tabs { visibility: collapse !important; } I found this solution quite useful over the last months, but recently I got some web design to do and split my screen horizontally in half. In this mode the width of the sidebar used to much space. Disabling it with F1 also didn’t really help because then I had no tab list at all.

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Scrolling doesn't work in GTK+ 3 apps in StumpWM


Since some time ago I could not scroll in any GTK+ 3 window in StumpWM with an external mouse. Today I found a workaround for this problem: executing export GDK_CORE_DEVICE_EVENTS=1 in a shell fixes the problem. To set this automatically when starting StumpWM insert the following in your ~/.stumpwmrc: ;; bugfix for scrolling doesn't work with an external mouse in GTK+3 apps. (setf (getenv "GDK_CORE_DEVICE_EVENTS") "1") This bug was also reported (and fixed) at the following bug trackers.

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Programs I use


Note: I decided to dedicate this topic its own permanent What I Use page instead of this blog post. Intro A few people asked me in the last time which tools and programs I use so I decided to put them in a short list. I often look at lists like “The best …”, “Software you need” or similar posts. Not because I need them, but because I want to get inspired and learn about new / other tools that may become a program I use.

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Installation of Debian 8 "jessie" testing


1 Preparation 1.1 Download image To download a image go to and copy the download link of the netinstall iso for your architecture from the netinst section (Right Click > Copy Link Location (Firefox) / Copy Link Address (Chrome)) and download it with the command wget -c [copied link] (you can simply paste the link with the shortcut STRG+SHIFT+V). Create now a file for the checksum with the command touch sha512sum in the same folder and open it with nano sha512sum.

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