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A new design for


Today I roll out a first version of the new With this upload not everything is fully designed, but these missing pages will follow later this week or next week. I decided to go in another direction using more subpages and the same design on every page, if it’s just a subpage or its own project. While designing the new page I not only tried to create a beautiful theme but also to provide a smoother user experience through designing page change animations with JavaScript.

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Material Bildschirmhintergründe 1 und 2


Um meinen Desktop / Homescreen besser aussehen zu lassen habe ich kürzlich zwei einfache “Material” Hintergründe gestaltet. Diese sind kostenlos zu downloaden und zu verteilen (CC-BY-SA 4.0). Ich habe diese mit einer hohen 16:9 Auflösung gestaltet, sodass sie auch auf 2k Dislays (und auch auf Größeren) gut aussehen. Hochformat (z.B. für Smartphones und kleine Tablets) Querformat (z.B. für Computer und große Tablets)

Material Wallpapers 1 and 2


To bring a better look to my desktop / homescreen I recently made two simple material like wallpapers. These wallpapers are free to download and to redistribute (CC-BY-SA 4.0). I made them with a high 16:9 resolution that the also look great on 2k screen (or even higher resolutions) and in two versions: Portrait Version (e.g. for smartphones and small tablets) Landscape Version (e.g. for computers and large tablets)

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