Marcel Kapfer


Comfortaa Font für Cyanogenmod Theme Chooser


Das ist die open-source Schriftare Comfortaa von aajohann (auuch bekannt als Johan Aakerlund), verpackt für den Cyanogenmode Theme Chooser. Sämtlicher Dank geht an aajohan. Diese Schriftart ist nicht als kursiv erhältlich. Download

Morse Converter Android App Version 1.0


I’m proud to present you this android app. With this app you can now convert your code on the way. The application has all the functions that the desktop program has. It also includes a share button for directly sharing your output to different apps on your device. I don’t plan any apps for other mobile os like iOS. Read more Get it GitHub

Morse Code Konverter Android App Version 1.0


Ich veröffentliche nun eine Android App für writtenMorse. Mit dieser App kannst du nun auch unterwegs text ver- und entschlüsseln. Die App hat die selben Funktionen wie das Desktop Programm. Die App beinhalted auch einen Teilen-Buttton um die konvertierte Nachricht mit verschiedenen Apps auf deinem Gerät zu teilen Ich habe nicht vor die App für andere mobile Betriebssysteme wie iOS zu entwickeln. Download Mehr Informationen GitHub

Morse Code Converter Version 1.0.0


After a few months developing I’m proud to present now the Version 1.0.0. of the Morse Code Converter. With this version it is possible to convert an unlimited amount of signs. There is also a completely new user interface and the version handles now all converting processes. The program is able to run under every system including Linux, Mac OS X and Windows as long as a up-to-date java runtime is installed.

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Morse Converter Version 1.0


With this version some necessary features are introduced: Converting of more than one sign. Now you can de- and encrypt words and sentences, Complete new user interface with input and output box in same window and All versions (normal morse de- and encrypt and writtenMorse de- and encrypt as well) now in one application.

Morse Converter Version 1.0.0


Nach etlichen Monaten Entwicklung veröffentliche ich nun die Version 1.0.0 des Morse Code Converters. Mit dieser Version ist es nun möglich mehrere Zeichen umzuwandeln. Des weiteren hat das Programm ein komplett neues aussehen und vereint nun alle Umwandlungsprozese. Das Programm läuft unter Linux, Mac OS X und Windows, wenn eine aktuelle Java Version installiert ist. Mehr Informationen & Download



Today I released a little program for german students from the 11th grade. The program is able to calculate the point average. It also shows you the worst entred mark and the highest. Because the software is for german students it’s completely in german. More features will be added when they are ready. The program is able to run under every system including Linux, Mac OS X and Windows as long as a up-to-date java runtime is installed.

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Morse Converter Version 0.2.2


This version is also a small release. The hotword windows are improved and, in case you are a developer, the sourcecode is improved concerning formating and the code itself. There is also a new hotword: "missing code".

Morse Converter Version 0.2.1: First public release


Small release. Two new hot words.

The writtenMorse website is online


Today, after two weeks of coding, the website is online.