Marcel Kapfer


Rangitaki Version 0.9: Release Condidate for 1.0


It’s time now for the last pre-release of version 1.0: the release candidate for version 1.0. After nearly seven weeks Rangitaki is now stable enough to release the last testing version. This version comes with the following (bug) fixes: ‘Blogs of {BLOG NAME}’ always shown (even if there are no other blogs) pictures in articles not centred long links longer than article card (especially a problem on mobile devices) Localization strings are now grouped in one array Better code (in some parts) I also commented the whole code.

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Rangitaki Version 0.8


After one week of testing and bugfixing (mainly the RCC) we now release the beta version (number 0.8) of Rangitaki. This versions brings various security updates for the RCC and you should really update to this version, if you’re using the RCC. Otherwise you can wait until the release candidate , which will come this sunday with more bugfixes, especially for the blogging engine. Stay tuned :) P.S: Right now I’m searching for a few people, who can help me to localize Rangitaki by translating the strings in lang/en.

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Rangitaki Version 0.7 - The alpha release


Today is the day! I release the alpha release for version 1.0 with the version number 0.7. This means that the development phase for 1.0 is closed and that there will only small improvements and bugfixes. It also means that you can start migrating your blog from 0.2.x to this release, since there wont be any further changes concerning the file structure. Instead of listing the new features in 0.7 I list now all features that Rangitaki has as of today:

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Rangitak version shedule until 1.0


The development on the new Rangitaki blogging engine started a few days ago and the version 0.3 (not ready for productive use) is out. But what are the features of the versions 0.3 until 0.9? First of all there all not ready for productive use. They are just there for testing and bug-fixing. You can obtain a copy on GitHub. I made also a table about the different versions: Version Features 0.

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Rangitaki Version 0.5 and Material Design


With the development Version 0.5 Rangitaki has a complete new look, which is based on Material Design. Why Material Design? Material Design is influenced by paper and this element was for a long time the main material for the written word. Books, newspaper, letters and also diaries and logbooks were written on paper. So in my opinion is quite natural to use a design which is heavy influenced by this resource.

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Morse Converter Android App Version 2.2.7


Version 2.2.7 of the Morse Converter for Android is out and comes with the following changes: Design Added shadow to the actionbar (exept for tablets) New layout for about Other small design fixes Functions Added option to donate Added writtenMorse code list Closes keyboard when opening the drawer Other Fixed links in the about sections Keyboard closes now after convertion process New icon Bugfix: Cursor not visible Bugfix: Sharing didn’t work

Morse Converter Android App Beta testing


This week I decided to enable beta testing for new version of the morse converter android app to provide better and less buggier builds for all users. I would really appreachiate it, if you would help me by testing beta builds. Just join the Google+ community.

Rangitaki Version 0.2.2


Today I release a small new version to the new 0.2 series, which includes following changes: Links are now underlined, when you hover over them Simplified it to add the disqus comments Added and configuration option for setting a favicon Added the option to use Google Analytics The following files changed: index.php blog.css config.php When you updating you installation make sure that your nor overriding your existing configuration.

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From pBlog to Rangitaki


EDIT: 13 August 2015 I decidet to scale down the social appearance of Rangitaki, and so I removed the Google+ Page and the Twitter account. Follow +MarcelKapfer for further updates about Rangitaki./ Some huge changes happend to this blogging engine in the last few days: The name was changed from pBlog to Rangitaki: Since the early beginning I searched for a good name for the blogging engine and Rangitaki (from the maori language and means logbook) fits just perfect The default color changed to #ff4415 I wrote a webpage for Rangitaki marcel-kapfer.

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Web App Alpha Release


Today I release a first alpha version of the Morse Converter Web App. This version is not ready for professional use. It’s just there for testing and bug finding and fixing. Have fun with it! :) Morse Converter Alpha