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Rangitaki Version 1.3


A new version of Rangitaki is out providing the following new features: Respect do-not-track RCC: Generate Atom feed Title fix Switch to composer To update from Rangitaki 1.2 (or higher) use this script: Enjoy blogging!

Rangitaki Version 1.2


Just in time for Chistmas: Rangitaki Version 1.2. Features Pagination: Split your blog posts over several page JavaScript Extension Support RCC: Write Posts RCC: Delete Posts RCC: Upload Media RCC: Edit Posts Notes Read the upgrading guide before upgrading. Upgrading If you’re currently on version 1.0.0 use this update script: If you’re currently on 1.

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Rangitaki Version 1.1.90 Beta Release


The next step on the way to 1.2, the beta release. Changes: BUGFIX: ArticleGenerator error when no tags set Pagination: Localized strings Concerning the localized string: the new string are already added into the shipped english and german language files. If you use your own language file, you have to update your language file with the following strings: "Next Page" > "Localized next page", "Previous Page" > "Localized previous page", To update yout blog - keep in mind that this is not a stable release, so don’t use it in production - download the update script, make it executable (chmod +x 1-1-2_1-1-90.

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Rangitaki Version 1.1.2 Development Release


I’m glad to announce another milestone an the way to Rangitaki 1.2. This time it’s quite a small one, which brings a few code style improvements and one new feature called pagination, which can split your blog into several pages, each with a set amount of posts. Pagination is disabled by default. It can enabled through setting: $pagination = number The integer is the amount of posts you wan' to show on each page.

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I’m proud to present all of you another piece of software that I wrote: Scorelib. Scorelib is a music score organization tool with a command line interface, perfect for usage in your favorite terminal emulator. As most of the software I develop, it is written for Linux systems and published on GitHub. The entered data is saved in a SQLite database in your home directory. Currently Scorelib is in version 0.

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Rangitaki Version 1.1.0 Development Release


It is time for another Rangitaki release and on this way to 1.2 , I release today the first Developmen release 1.1.0, which comes with following changes: RCC: Write blog posts RCC: Media Upload Drawer: Key listener (‘ESC’ to close, ’m; to open) Drawer: Highlight Blogs when hovering Drawer: ‘X’ button Metatags / Title based on subblog and / or article Script for updatig from 1.0.0 to 1.1.0 I strongly advise you not to update, since this is an untestet development release, if you are willing to risk it, download the update script from this link, make it executable and run it in your rangitaki home directory.

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Rangitaki Version 1.0


Eight months ago I had the idea of a blogging engine. First I planned to write the blogging engine in JavaScript, but in February I learned PHP and I decided, that this is the better language for this project. The main goal of Rangitaki (earlier known as pBlog) was, is and will always be to be as simple to use as possible, but with any possible feature. And I turned out to be possible, especially with the subblogs and the Rangitaki Control Center.

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Morse Converter Android 2.4.0


A new release of the Android app is out. In comes with the same features, that where released with the desktop version 2.0. Line break support Instant converting Intelligent code recognization Slightly re-designed UI for the new features Get the app now at Google Play.

Morse Converter Desktop Version 2.0.0


It’s time that I announce a new version of the morse converter with some awesome new features, that will simplify your converting life: Completely Native UI with tabs Instant converting Intelligent code recognization Update through the app itself. (Not available in the .deb package or in the Ubuntu repository) Have fun with it! Download

Morse Converter Desktop Public Beta 1.9.3


Today I publish a public beta version of the next version of the morse converter for desktop systems. This version comes with the following new features: Intelligent code recognization (code and language) automatic / instant converting line break support integrated update function tabbed design native ui on all systems Feel free to try this version. Please report all bugs at the bug tracker: or to opensource(at)mmk2410(dot)org. Download

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