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My Emacs package of the week: org-appear


It may be a little boring for some, but the second post in my “My Emacs package of the week” series is again about an Org-mode package (well, if you follow my blog you shoudn’t be surprised). I use org mode a lot (though I used to use it more (a blog post about this is coming soonish)) and so from time to time I notice some things that I would like to be a little bit different or I stumble upon packages (either because I see someone else using it, by browsing some social networks or by reading my RSS feed, e.

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Update on Publishing my Emacs Configuration


After posting my last blog article about publishing my Emacs configuration on Fosstodon, Kaushal Modi (the maintainer of ox-hugo the org mode to hugo exporter that I use for my Blog) wrote me and brought the idea up to publish my Emacs configuration using ox-hugo and hugo. I didn’t even think about that and so the same evening I tried it. If you’ve read my previous blog post you know the amount of code and work that is necessary to get org-publish running, with ox-hugo I need to add the following three lines on top of my config.

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Publishing My Emacs Configuration


Introduction As you may know, I’m using Emacs for various task and I have a configuration for doing so. I think that documentation is an important part of a configuration, especially if it is not something I read or work with every day and I want to read up on certain things and decisions after a long time. That’s why I chose to write my Emacs configuration using literate programming by using Org Babel.

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Update on my Org-roam web viewer


About one and a half weeks ago I announced that I’m going to start a new (code) project for viewing my Org-roam files over the web (especially on mobile devices). Since then surprisingly much happened and so I want to give a short status update. First of all I chose a working title for the software: brainengine. However, I’m not quite sure why. Especially the engine part since it doesn’t power anything.

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RSS aggregators and a hard decision


If you read my previous blog posts you may think “Boy, what a nerd. Only writes about Emacs. Doesn’t he have a life???” and honestly I couldn’t even be mad on you. But—jokes aside—as a matter of fact there is more. And so I though I should also write some blog posts about other stuff. For a totally unrelated topic I decided to write about my usage of RSS aggregators today (and no, although I use elfeed with elfeed-protocol from time to time there won’t be any further mentions of Emacs in this post…).

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My Emacs package of the week: orgit


As you may now I joined the 100 Days To Offload challenge and therefore need some content. Since it seems that I always write about stuff that is more or less connected with Emacs anyway I though I could start a series called “My Emacs package of the week” where I present some package I stumbled upon recently or I used for quite some time but is interesting enough to show.

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New Project: Accessing my Org-roam notes everywhere


Currently my information storage “strategy” is a disaster. I have four (at least I think so, maybe even more) places where I write down information: A single org file called which is synchronized across my devices (including mobile) using Syncthing. This contains 14 first-level Org headings and apparently 617 headings in total. A Org-roam directory which is also synchronized across all devices using Syncthing. Currently it contains 266 notes.

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Improving my new blog post creation


In my last post I wrote that it is currently quite cumbersome for me to start writing a new blog post. There are mainly two reasons for that. The first is opening the file. While this sounds quite unimpressive it does not make fun to navigate three directories from my home until I can open it. At least not if you can avoid it. The more annoying part is that I need to define the complete structure and metadata information by myself.

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How this post is brought to you…


The #100DaysToOffload challenge starts very well. I’m sitting here at my desk with the to-do in front of me to write post number two. And I have absolutely no idea what to write! Well, there are some topics I want to cover on the blog during the next months and the can be part of the #100DaysToOffload but I currently don’t know where to start. So what’s left then to tell you, dear reader, is how this blog post is brought to you and thereby also include a few hints about what I will write during the next months!

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100 Days To Offload


Since I joined the Fosstodon community over one and a half years ago (boy, time really flies…) I constantly read posts with a hashtag #100DaysToOffload and wondered what the heck this is. Well, someday I read the description and just thought “what a nice idea!” (tl;dr: during a time span of a year, write 100 more or less useful blog posts). Though I never really thought about joining since I cannot imaging writing 100 blog posts in just one year (if you look at my blog you will see that I published five posts during the last two years, with that speed I would need 40 years to finish the #100DaysToOffload).

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