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Quitting 100 Days To Offload


I was thinking a long time about this step. To be precise, I had my first doubts back at the end of January, just two or three weeks after starting the project. Although, the reasons for considering quitting were a bit different back then than now. When I decided to jump into the project on January 9th I had my doubts that I will be able to keep up the writing speed to produce 100 blog posts in one year.

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hledger for personal finances: two months in


For years I wanted to use some kind of personal accounting system to keep track of where my money goes. This is perhaps mostly founded in some sick interest or based on the idea to better manage my expenses. However, I always failed to successfully implement such a system. I vaguely remember that I used some app once, but only for a short time. I already found some trace of an old Org document where I keep track of my incomes and expenses from January to mid-March of 2018.

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My Emacs Package of the Week: CRUX


Some packages get mentioned over and over on different blogs and other Emacs related platforms. And other packages do not seem to get the same degree of attention (or at least I don’t see it) although they deserve it. IMO one of these is CRUX, which is most fittingly described as “a Collection of Ridiculously Useful eXtensions for Emacs” by its created, Bozhidar Batsov. It does provide a large collection of helper functions that may assist you in all kinds of situations of your Emacs life.

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Using stow for managing my dotfiles


For more than four years, I’ve been using a self-written installation script for linking my dotfiles. I didn’t search for any pre-made solution back then but instead just tried to automate my workflow of creating a symlink for every file in the repository individually. Since I was a big fan of the fish shell back then (and I’m still one) I decided to use it for the script. The requirements were simple and clear: directories should be created if necessary and files need to get linked from the correct places.

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Small changes to my website design


For some years until May 2020, I used WordPress for this site with the initial goal to focus more on writing instead of tweaking the templates. If you look in the archive of my blog you may see that this didn’t work as intended. So nearly two years ago I decided to switch to a workflow that better suits my needs and set up this page using ox-hugo with hugo and a custom theme.

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Another Update on Publishing my Emacs Configuration


A few weeks ago I wrote a post about how I experimented with publishing my Emacs configuration (which is written in Org) using org-publish. Kashual Modi, the creator of ox-hugo, replied to me and asked me if I thought about publishing the configuration using ox-hugo. I didn’t! And it turned out that it was done by just adding three lines at the top of my Emacs configuration file as I wrote in a follow-up post a few days later.

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Mirroring my Gitea Repos with Git Hooks, again


My Journey In August 2020 I started hosting all my Git repositories on my own Gitea instance after previously using it for my private projects for some time. Since a self-hosted Gitea instance is not very discoverable I decided to keep showing my repos on GitLab and GitHub. At this point, all my relevant GitLab (which I used as a main hosting platform before) projects already were mirrored to GitHub directly after each commit.

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Why I failed using Org-mode for tasks


I started using Emacs back in 2016 and shortly after that I discovered Org-mode a little while after (I don’t know the exact date but I have tasks in my archive going back to 2018 and I know that I used it some time without the archiving functionality). For some time my bio on Fosstodon even contained the line „couldn’t survive without Org-mode“ and yet, since two months I haven’t used it.

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Using Emacs tab-bar-mode


Everyone knows tabs. From your favorite web browser, your file manager, your terminal emulator and perhaps many other programs. And if you know Emacs or heard anything about it you perhaps wouldn’t be surprised if I told you the it has not one, but two tab modes. There is tab-line-mode which is equivalent to what we know from other editors or the browser: one “thing”, file, windows, buffer, whatever per tab.

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Publishing my Website using GitLab CI Pipelines


I wrote some posts recently, like “Update on Publishing my Emacs Configuration”, where I mention that my current workflow of deploying changes to my website can be improved. Well, I could always improve it, but this is one of the more urgent things. The Status Quo Currently after I writing some blog post or changing a page I export it by calling the relevant ox-hugo exporter using the Org export dispatcher.

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