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From time to time I have something I want to write about. Seldom I also have the time to do so. In these rare occasions you will find a blog post at this place.

If you’re asking, about what I write: I really can’t tell. The most things you can find here in the moment are about Linux, coding, and similar stuff. But I won’t promise that this wont change. We’ll see…

Rangitaki Version 1.3


A new version of Rangitaki is out providing the following new features: Respect do-not-track RCC: Generate Atom feed Title fix Switch to composer To update from Rangitaki 1.2 (or higher) use this script: Enjoy blogging!

Programs I use


Note: I decided to dedicate this topic its own permanent What I Use page instead of this blog post. Intro A few people asked me in the last time which tools and programs I use so I decided to put them in a short list. I often look at lists like “The best …”, “Software you need” or similar posts. Not because I need them, but because I want to get inspired and learn about new / other tools that may become a program I use.

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Music recording "The Ending Year"


A minimal music piece composed at the end of 2014. Now finally recorded in an acceptable quality. If you like share it with your friends or even donate me at my page. Thanks.

Musikstück "The Ending Year"


Ein Minimal Music Stueck, welches ich eine 2014 komponiert habe, allerdings erst jetzt dazugekommen bin es in annehmbarer Qualtität aufzunehmen: Wenn es dir gefaellt, teile es mit deinen Freund_innen und spende mir vielleicht. Danke

Rangitaki Version 1.2


Just in time for Chistmas: Rangitaki Version 1.2. Features Pagination: Split your blog posts over several page JavaScript Extension Support RCC: Write Posts RCC: Delete Posts RCC: Upload Media RCC: Edit Posts Notes Read the upgrading guide before upgrading. Upgrading If you’re currently on version 1.0.0 use this update script: If you’re currently on 1.

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Rangitaki Version 1.1.90 Beta Release


The next step on the way to 1.2, the beta release. Changes: BUGFIX: ArticleGenerator error when no tags set Pagination: Localized strings Concerning the localized string: the new string are already added into the shipped english and german language files. If you use your own language file, you have to update your language file with the following strings: "Next Page" > "Localized next page", "Previous Page" > "Localized previous page", To update yout blog - keep in mind that this is not a stable release, so don’t use it in production - download the update script, make it executable (chmod +x 1-1-2_1-1-90.

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Rangitaki Version 1.1.2 Development Release


I’m glad to announce another milestone an the way to Rangitaki 1.2. This time it’s quite a small one, which brings a few code style improvements and one new feature called pagination, which can split your blog into several pages, each with a set amount of posts. Pagination is disabled by default. It can enabled through setting: $pagination = number The integer is the amount of posts you wan' to show on each page.

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I’m proud to present all of you another piece of software that I wrote: Scorelib. Scorelib is a music score organization tool with a command line interface, perfect for usage in your favorite terminal emulator. As most of the software I develop, it is written for Linux systems and published on GitHub. The entered data is saved in a SQLite database in your home directory. Currently Scorelib is in version 0.

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In the lab


Sadly this didn’t work, but it was fun to make.

Winter is coming…


Winter is coming…