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From time to time I have something I want to write about. Seldom I also have the time to do so. In these rare occasions you will find a blog post at this place.

If you’re asking, about what I write: I really can’t tell. The most things you can find here in the moment are about Linux, coding, and similar stuff. But I won’t promise that this wont change. We’ll see…

Cavallino-Treporti (IT) Bicycle Tour 1


During my holiday in Cavallino-Treport (IT) I discovered the following bicycle track. The tour starts at the Piazzetta della Libertà in Cavallino and goes from there over the Via Francesco Baracca to an first unpaved way and later on Asphalt next to the Fiume Sile to Jesolo, where the river will be crossed. From there the track goes over a cycle path to Lido di Jesolo where the way leads through the inner city.

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Tja, wenn der Tag schon gut startet, was soll man dann erwarten. Nachdem ich auf dem Weg zur Uni nicht mit dem Rad gestürzt bin und der Aufbauf zeitlich sehr gut lief (auf den halbjährlichen Belastungstest der elektrischen Anlage der Universität durften wir dieses Mal verzichten). Doch wenn schon so vieles gut läuft, dann muss ja irgendwann der Rückschlag auf einen zukommen. Heute kam dieser beim Einschalten meines Computers. Strom, Monitor, Tastatur, Maus und Ethernet waren schon verbunden, von dem her sollte ja eine einfache Betätigung des Einschalters vollend genügen.

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Der Drucker


Wie schwer kann es sein, Altklausuren auszudrucken? Da ich mich, warum auch immer, dazu entschieden habe, Informatik zu studieren und nicht Chemie oder anderes, habe ich das Glück, ein dafür entwickeltes Werkzeug verwenden zu können (bei anderen Fachschaften verwendet man ein Wiki zum Speichern von Altklausuren). Somit beschränkt sich die Arbeit hauptsächlich darauf, schlecht formatierte E-Mails zu entziffern, Vorlesungsnamen in das Programm einzugeben, die letzten paar Altklausuren auszuwählen, den frisch gedruckten Stapel Altpapier zu beschriften und die Leute darüber zu benachrichtigen.

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Rangitaki Version 1.5.0


I’m proud to announce a new release of the Rangitaki blogging engine which introduces post excerpts. Post excerpts are disabled by default and can be enabled with (re-)running php bin/init.php. Many thanks to Stefan for fixing the OpenGraph and Twitter meta tags. Full Changelog Update script

Quote by Wang Li


Simplicity gives my music its freedom. I am nothing special. I am afraid about the future, I am afraid about the present and I try to find some warming moments in the past. Wang Li

Rangitaki Version 1.4.4


Today I announce 1.4.4 of the Rangitaki blogging engine. It brings an important bug fix concerning the feed creation. Starting from 1.4.0 the feed creation server-side script failed with a 500 internal server error because it was not converted to the new YAML configuration (due to a bug - to be exact: a missing slash - in the .gitignore). While working on fixing this issue, I also upgraded to the latest version of the feed generator (PicoFeed).

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Morse Converter Web App 0.3


Hi folks! No! The writtenMorse project is not dead! Yesterday I released version 0.3 of the Morse converter web app. This update brings better performance when converting large texts thanks to a new converting engine written in Dart. You can test it now live at Feel free to give me feedback either to me at opensource(at)mmk2410(dot)org or on the GitLab project. Thanks!

Rangitaki Version 1.4.3


Since the release of Rangitaki 1.4.0 two weeks ago there where three point releases. 1.4.1 and 1.4.2 brought changes to the authentication of the RCC and the RCC API. Caused by these changes you have to rerun php bin/init_rcc.php. To read more about this change habe a look at: Version 1.4.3 brings the following bugfixes: [FIX] Missing space in drawer between "Blogs on" and blogname [FIX] Background layer was not removed if drawer was closed Besides these fixes Rangitaki 1.

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Rangitaki Version 1.4


Yesterday I released Rangitaki version 1.4 with the following new features and fixes: Three new scripts in the bin folder to simplify the maintenance and setup. Read more below. Rangitaki API for working with your Rangitaki installation from other apps. Read on how to use the API in the documentation SASS and CoffeeScript capabilities for writing extensions and themes. These files are compiled and minimized using Gulp. Open links in articles in a new tab.

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How to run a web app on your desktop


Running a web app or a website on your desktop is nowadays much easier thanks to GitHub’s Electron. Why would someone want this? Well… This is a good question. For me there are only two reasons: you can start it from your launcher and it’s handled as its own application. But thats not why I’m writing this guide. My motvation is simple: It works. Installing required software For this guide you need npm and git.

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