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From time to time I have something I want to write about. Seldom I also have the time to do so. In these rare occasions you will find a blog post at this place.

If you’re asking, about what I write: I really can’t tell. The most things you can find here in the moment are about Linux, coding, and similar stuff. But I won’t promise that this wont change. We’ll see…

New piece coming soon



Good News! I just finished the draft for my second piece. Now all I have to do before I can publish it is setting it. Stay tuned!

Rangitaki Version 1.0


code rangitaki

Eight months ago I had the idea of a blogging engine. First I planned to write the blogging engine in JavaScript, but in February I learned PHP and I decided, that this is the better language for this project. The main goal of Rangitaki (earlier known as pBlog) was, is and will always be to be as simple to use as possible, but with any possible feature. And I turned out to be possible, especially with the subblogs and the Rangitaki Control Center.

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Morse Converter Android 2.4.0


code writtenmorse

A new release of the Android app is out. In comes with the same features, that where released with the desktop version 2.0. Line break support Instant converting Intelligent code recognization Slightly re-designed UI for the new features Get the app now at Google Play.

Morse Converter Desktop Version 2.0.0


code writtenmorse

It’s time that I announce a new version of the morse converter with some awesome new features, that will simplify your converting life: Completely Native UI with tabs Instant converting Intelligent code recognization Update through the app itself. (Not available in the .deb package or in the Ubuntu repository) Have fun with it! Download




Seit gestern wird gegen die Macher des Blogs wegen Landesverrat ermittelt, da sie geheime Dokumente des Verfassungsschutzes veröffentlichten. Dies ist ein schwerer Angriff auf die Meinungs- und Pressefreiheit in Deutschland, doch bei weitem nicht der erste, wie ein Blogartikel von mir aus dem Jahr 2013 zeigt (Meinungsfreiheit in Deutschland?). Die letzte Ermittlung wegen Landesverrat war vor 33 Jahren gegen die Zeitschrift “Konkret”, und vielen sind auch die Ermittlungen gegen den Spiegel vor 50 Jahren bekannt.

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Morse Converter Desktop Public Beta 1.9.3


code writtenmorse

Today I publish a public beta version of the next version of the morse converter for desktop systems. This version comes with the following new features: Intelligent code recognization (code and language) automatic / instant converting line break support integrated update function tabbed design native ui on all systems Feel free to try this version. Please report all bugs at the bug tracker: or to opensource(at)mmk2410(dot)org. Download

Rangitaki Version 0.9: Release Condidate for 1.0


code rangitaki

It’s time now for the last pre-release of version 1.0: the release candidate for version 1.0. After nearly seven weeks Rangitaki is now stable enough to release the last testing version. This version comes with the following (bug) fixes: ‘Blogs of {BLOG NAME}’ always shown (even if there are no other blogs) pictures in articles not centred long links longer than article card (especially a problem on mobile devices) Localization strings are now grouped in one array Better code (in some parts) I also commented the whole code.

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Rangitaki Version 0.8


code rangitaki

After one week of testing and bugfixing (mainly the RCC) we now release the beta version (number 0.8) of Rangitaki. This versions brings various security updates for the RCC and you should really update to this version, if you’re using the RCC. Otherwise you can wait until the release candidate , which will come this sunday with more bugfixes, especially for the blogging engine. Stay tuned :) P.S: Right now I’m searching for a few people, who can help me to localize Rangitaki by translating the strings in lang/en.

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Rangitaki Version 0.7 - The alpha release


code rangitaki

Today is the day! I release the alpha release for version 1.0 with the version number 0.7. This means that the development phase for 1.0 is closed and that there will only small improvements and bugfixes. It also means that you can start migrating your blog from 0.2.x to this release, since there wont be any further changes concerning the file structure. Instead of listing the new features in 0.7 I list now all features that Rangitaki has as of today:

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A new design for


design web

Today I roll out a first version of the new With this upload not everything is fully designed, but these missing pages will follow later this week or next week. I decided to go in another direction using more subpages and the same design on every page, if it’s just a subpage or its own project. While designing the new page I not only tried to create a beautiful theme but also to provide a smoother user experience through designing page change animations with JavaScript.

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