Cavallino-Treporti (IT) Bicycle Tour 1

During my holiday in Cavallino-Treport (IT) I discovered the following bicycle track. The tour starts at the Piazzetta della Libertà in Cavallino and goes from there over the Via Francesco Baracca to an first unpaved way and later on Asphalt next to the Fiume Sile to Jesolo, where the river will be crossed. From there the track goes over a cycle path to Lido di Jesolo where the way leads through the inner city. After Lido di Jesolo the trip continues on the main road over the Fiume Sile back to Cavallino.

Total distance: 27.03 km
Max elevation: 5 m
Min elevation: -2 m
Total climbing: 51 m
Total descent: -50 m