Morse Converter Web App 0.3

Hi folks!

No! The writtenMorse project is not dead!

Yesterday I released version 0.3 of the Morse converter web app. This update brings better performance when converting large texts thanks to a new converting engine written in Dart.

You can test it now live at

Feel free to give me feedback either to me at opensource(at)mmk2410(dot)org or on the GitLab project. Thanks!

Rangitaki Version 1.4.3

Since the release of Rangitaki 1.4.0 two weeks ago there where three point releases. 1.4.1 and 1.4.2 brought changes to the authentication of the RCC and the RCC API. Caused by these changes you have to rerun php bin/init_rcc.php. To read more about this change habe a look at:

Version 1.4.3 brings the following bugfixes:

  • [FIX] Missing space in drawer between "Blogs on" and blogname
  • [FIX] Background layer was not removed if drawer was closed

Besides these fixes Rangitaki 1.4.3 includes the theme of my own blog, nextDESIGN:

Rangitaki using the nextDESIGN theme

Since the three releases where in a very short time frame I decided to write the update script to let you update every Rangitaki 1.4 installation (1.4.0, 1.4.1, 1.4.2) to 1.4.3.

Update script

Rangitaki Version 1.4

Yesterday I released Rangitaki version 1.4 with the following new features and

  • Three new scripts in the bin folder to simplify the maintenance and setup. Read more below.
  • Rangitaki API for working with your Rangitaki installation from other apps. Read on how to use the API in the documentation
  • SASS and CoffeeScript capabilities for writing extensions and themes. These files are compiled and minimized using Gulp.
  • Open links in articles in a new tab.
  • Switch to YAML as language for the configuration. Rangitaki 1.4 and above cannot be used without a setup YAML configuration file at config.yaml. Read more below.
  • Fix: Atom feeds didn’t contain any text

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