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Die Menschen fürchten den Tod sogar mehr als den Schmerz. Es ist komisch, dass sie den Tod fürchten. Das Leben schmerzt viel mehr als der Tod. Im Moment des Todes ist der Schmerz vorbei. Ja, ich glaube er ist ein Freund.

Jim Morrison (1943 – 1971)

Rangitaki Version 1.1.90 Beta Release

The next step on the way to 1.2, the beta release.


  • BUGFIX: ArticleGenerator error when no tags set
  • Pagination: Localized strings

Concerning the localized string: the new string are already added into the shipped english and german language files. If you use your own language file, you have to update your language file with the following strings:

 "Next Page" => "Localized next page", "Previous Page" => "Localized previous page",

To update yout blog – keep in mind that this is not a stable release, so don’t use it in production – download the update script, make it executable (chmod +x 1-1-2_1-1-90.sh) and run it (./1-1-2_1-1-90.sh). If you’re coming from 1.0 you have to run all update scripts. I only provide scripts from pre-release to pre-release and from stable to stable.

Update Script: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/mmk2410/rangitaki/master/update-scripts/1-1-2_1-1-90.sh