Rangitaki Version 1.0

Eight months ago I had the idea of a blogging engine. First I planned to write the blogging engine in JavaScript, but in February I learned PHP and I decided, that this is the better language for this project. The main goal of Rangitaki (earlier known as pBlog) was, is and will always be to be as simple to use as possible, but with any possible feature. And I turned out to be possible, especially with the subblogs and the Rangitaki Control Center. Now it is time to release a stable version of what is now called Rangitaki. A blogging engine with focus on simplicity. Easy to install, easy to configure, easy to use.

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Tag 215

“Niemand wird mit dem Hass auf andere Menschen wegen ihrer Hautfarbe, ethnischen Herkunft oder Religion geboren. Hass wird gelernt. Und wenn man Hass lernen kann, kann man auch lernen zu lieben. Denn Liebe ist ein viel natürlicheres Empfinden im Herzen eines Menschen als ihr Gegenteil.”

Nelson Mandela (1918 – 2013)

Morse Converter Desktop Version 2.0.0

It’s time that I announce a new version of the morse converter with some awesome new features, that will simplify your converting life:

  • Completely Native UI with tabs
  • Instant converting
  • Intelligent code recognization
  • Update through the app itself. (Not available in the .deb package or in the Ubuntu repository)

Have fun with it!