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Rangitaki Version 0.7 - The alpha release


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Today is the day! I release the alpha release for version 1.0 with the version number 0.7. This means that the development phase for 1.0 is closed and that there will only small improvements and bugfixes. It also means that you can start migrating your blog from 0.2.x to this release, since there wont be any further changes concerning the file structure.

Instead of listing the new features in 0.7 I list now all features that Rangitaki has as of today:

Since mainly everything is done, I will no start writing a documentation for Rangitaki, the RCC, themes and localization. I will also provide a quick-starting guide. These documents will be published with the 1.0 release which is drafted for the end of this month.

I also rewrote the GitHub Readme, so you can find there some additional infos concerning Rangitaki.

GitHub Repository

GitHub Release 0.7

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