Rangitak version shedule until 1.0

The development on the new Rangitaki blogging engine started a few days ago and the version 0.3 (not ready for productive use) is out. But what are the features of the versions 0.3 until 0.9? First of all there all not ready for productive use. They are just there for testing and bug-fixing. You can obtain a copy on GitHub.

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Rangitaki Version 0.5 and Material Design

With the development Version 0.5 Rangitaki has a complete new look, which is based on Material Design.

Why Material Design?

Material Design is influenced by paper and this element was for a long time the main material for the written word. Books, newspaper, letters and also diaries and logbooks were written on paper. So in my opinion is quite natural to use a design which is heavy influenced by this resource.

Read more about Material Design at Google Design page.


What will happen ’til 1.0?

During the next development releases there will be mainly bug fixes and improvements. In version 0.6 there will also more configuration options and more themes.