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Rangitak version shedule until 1.0


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The development on the new Rangitaki blogging engine started a few days ago and the version 0.3 (not ready for productive use) is out. But what are the features of the versions 0.3 until 0.9? First of all there all not ready for productive use. They are just there for testing and bug-fixing. You can obtain a copy on GitHub.

I made also a table about the different versions:

Version Features
0.4 New Features: Tags, Author, Multiple Blogs, Online Upload (optional)
0.5 Material Design
0.6 More configuration options
0.7 Alpha release
0.8 Beta release
0.9 Release Candidate
1.0 Stable final release

With version 1.0 I will also provide a documentation.

Stay tuned!

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