Installation of Debian 8 “jessie” testing

1 Preparation

1.1 Download image

To download a image go to and copy the download link of the netinstall iso for your architecture from the netinst section (Right Click > Copy Link Location (Firefox) / Copy Link Address (Chrome)) and download it with the command

wget -c [copied link]

(you can simply paste the link with the shortcut STRG+SHIFT+V). Create now a file for the checksum with the command

touch sha512sum

in the same folder and open it with

nano sha512sum

Then click in the CD section on your architecture and click on the new page on SHA512SUM and copy from there the line of the netinstall iso (normally it is the second one from the bottom) into the sha512sum file (you can simply use the shortcut STRG+SHIFT+C to paste it). Save now the file with the shortcut STRG+SHIFT+O and close it with STRG+SHIFT+X. Finally check now the iso image with the command

sha512sum -c sha512sum

Normally the image should be fine, if not, try again to download it.

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